Search Engine Optimization may seem too complex, tough and confusing but in the hands of an SEO expert, it will be the most effective tool your business needs

Today’s industry relies heavily on the Internet to not only receive immediate solutions but also deliver them as well. It is unanimously agreed upon by marketing professionals that Search Engine Optimization is the key to creating the most traffic for a website.

Breaking the top of the search rankings is extremely tough especially when unexpected sites make it to the first page. Some of these sites are filled with spam, or worse, those with almost little or no content. All these sites can account for are good backlinks despite its poor structure. Another problem here is that when you don’t see spams and irrelevant content, you often see the sites of your competitors more often than none.

Tired of getting buried through search rankings?

At Live Chat Media Productions Inc. we offer Organic Search Engine Optimization, Link Building and Contextual link building services. That and a full range of supporting services such as one way themed text links, blog submissions, directory submissions, article writing, postings, etc. With our help, you not only get the usual service you get by hiring an SEO expert but also a whole lot of related aspect which could help you grow your business


Why us? Why Live Chat Media Productions Inc.?

  1. Our top priority is to increase traffic for your sites by optimizing your its keywords with top searches. Our SEO experts will help improve your visibility on organic search results in order to help your business thrive and own a piece of the online real estate.
  2. We make your link building services look absolutely natural for Google.
  3. We offer 5 additional link building services, on top of the usual SEO service. That way your campaign will look even more natural.
  4. We enhance your website’s major components so that it could deliver better search results (search-friendly, easily indexed)
  5. We include vital contact information in your links to make you more reachable.
  6. You will receive technical elements that are rich in content and keywords
  7. We engage in link building forums directed to get you traffic. Our job is to make your posts. We guarantee that your product will be as attractive and interesting as possible to attract people into clicking your links.
  8. We make sure that you are involved in blogs, online search directories (if applicable), content sites, Wiki’s and other related website articles.
  9. We also claim and optimize Google places page and follow best practices to ensure rich and relevant content.
  10. Statistical reports are given every of the month to make sure you are updated on your site’s growth.
  11. No robots will be tagging you on excluded link pages.
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