Keep your site secure

On top of all the promotional services we offer, Live Chat Media Productions Inc. is proud to offer Malware Protection for your site as well. As part of our campaign to promote safe search, we offer protection for your website through our affiliate McAfee.

Earn your Customer’s trust

Do you know that 76% of customers leave their items on your online cart for lack of trustmarks? What’s worse is that 61% do not even bother going through your site due to the same reason.

Just like we promise, we help you turn your website’s hits into profits and what better way to earn their trust with McAfee SECURE. Not only do we guarantee visitor security, but also make sure they proceed to checkout.

Protect your customer’s accounts from hackers

Nowadays, cloud storage has become a gold mine for hackers. Gone are the days where they go through the tedious task of manual breach and access.

McAfee looks at your perimeter the same way as these hackers do. Their automated discovery will constantly monitor your network for changes and inform you whenever you leave yourself vulnerable.

Just like the complete services that we at Live Chat Media Productions Inc. offer, McAfee also offers complete protection of your site.

Total Protection

McAfee’s system is equipped with a clear and actionable dashboard designed to tell you which ports are open, which parts are vulnerable, and what parts can be easily exploited.

A Qualys-powered scan is programmed to provide you with critical information on any vulnerabilities that may be detected. This sophisticated technology will help you determine important matters such as codes used to exploit your network and what it targeted.

And just like we do, McAfee will be happy to provide solutions on how to solve the problem.

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