Are you spending money to optimize your website so it appears on the first page of Google? If you’ve answered “yes”, then you are on the right site.

Now let’s assume you had a visitor on your website that clicked through your pages, would you know what that visitor was looking for? How do you keep your visitor on your site long enough to get your most important message across before leaving to go to your competitor’s website?

At Live Chat Media Productions Inc. we offer “Solutions that Bring your Marketing Message to Life.” We provide you with online marketing solutions from your very own website and convert your online visitors to customers. Most importantly we provide you with a website analytics that is essential for understanding your visitor’s activity.  We give you the tools and make your website stand out from your competition and ensure that your most important message gets delivered. Live Chat Media Productions Inc. offers 24 hour support 7 days a week on your website to answer any of your visitor’s questions.


1) No Contract

2) No Obligation

3) 15 Day FREE Trial

4) 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

5) No Special Hardware Required

What do you have to lose!!


At Live Chat Media Productions Inc. we strive to provide the best online marketing services to businesses while enhancing the website visitor experience. We will continue to offer the best service and ensure our customers are 100% satisfied. At Live Chat Media Productions, we view ourselves as partners, with our customers, employees and community. We aim to become globally known and recognized as a brand name for providing 24/7 Live Chat customer support for websites, while always offering “Solutions that Bring Your Marketing Message to Life”.

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