In a 1-2 minute video, we highlight your product or service that you want promoted. We are going to make you choose 3 things you want highlighted the most in your business and we are going to film it.

If you wish to have a longer video, you have to speak to your professional consultant first.

We offer:

  • Sales Presentations
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Demonstrations
  • Videos for Your Events
  • Commercial
  • Virtual Tours

We have three options for you

Option #1 (MOST POPULAR)

Our voice over talent professionals will be the “Solutions that Bring your Marketing Message to Life”. This way, your business will be verbally showcased online. Our talents can also come up with a creative script for your brand.

Option #2

If you have a prepared script ready, you can count on us to give life to it by having it read. Want to deliver the message yourself? No Problem. Nothing is better than having the owner promote his own business through media.

Option #3

No Voice Overs, just plain raw footages will be used. The video will then be edited where necessary cuts and addition of music, text and sound effects will be made.

*We have videographers ready to record video footages for you.

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