April 1, 2018


At Live Chat Media Productions Inc. we offer a 15 day Free Trial or 100 chats for the Live Chat software, which is our Live Chat Media Agent Bronze Package. The free trial is important for application security testing. It also gives the customer an opportunity to scrutinize and give consent if the software falls within the borders of his considerations.

Immediately after you fill out the ‘Get Account’ form, instructions on how to activate your 15 days free trial will be sent to your email. The details to be filled in the form are Name, Telephone, Email address and Domain Name. There is no payment or credit card information needed during the free trial period. A Free 15 minute demonstration will also be arranged to ensure you are set up properly and ready to take any chats.

Anytime during or immediately after the free trial period, an assigned Business Development Consultant will contact you, to see how your Free Trail is working out.  In accordance to what happens during the Free Trail you can then decide which package is best suited for your company.

Some of free trials advantages are:

  • A free trial helps the customer to learn the pros and cons of your product so they can make a decisive measure to purchase.


  • It helps determine if you’re able to handle the number of chats on your own
  • It determines if you are getting enough traffic to your website
  • It determines what other measures should be in place (SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing etc.)
  • It determines if you would need Live Chat Media Productions Inc. “Chat Centre” to monitor your website for you, as you’re not sitting in front of your computer all day.
  • It determines if you are getting a lot of traffic to your website


  • It also helps the company’s to identify the loopholes in the software through customer feedback.
  • Free trials will give the impression that your company is trusted
  • The customer is able to determine the security levels of the software and compare it with other products in the market
  • Cut down refund requests. Since purchase comes after the free trial period it is more efficient and cheap. Purchase is on the basis of accepting the terms and conditions of the software thereon.


Our 15 days free trial does not warrant any contract or obligation whatsoever. The decision to purchase or not to purchase the software is at the sole discretion of the customer. The software monitoring is done by the customer alone to avoid any enticement from the side of the seller if any.

We decided to offer the free trials for our software so customers can see the value of this service. A customer will only have to put the software in action free of charge for a limited duration of time before making a commitment to acquire a similar one at a cost. Free trials softwares are same as those sold in our stores and should not be mistaken for a fake. Prior to deciding on purchasing the software you shall have determined whether or not it generates results to your business.

We offer quality first impressions through our free trial strategy aimed at making lasting impressions and long standing relationships with our customers. Our customers are always in our mind and we strive to give them the best offers in our capacity.

Click here  to start your Free Trial at absolutely no cost or contractual obligation. We are confident in our products and believe that they will give you ‘Solutions That Brings Your Marketing Message to Life’.

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