Is your website SSL certified?

According to statistics, more than 50 percent of online businesses experienced cyber attack. 70 percent of attackers target the small businesses.


A whopping 75 percent of employees leave their computers unsecured. Due to unsafe online certificates, almost 60 percent of small to medium-sized businesses go out of operation due to data breach.


Are you ready?

Today there are two-thirds of the total number of website owners do not have protection.


Google has implemented a new rule where websites without an SSL certificate shown below are going to be deemed unsafe. Pretty soon, an exponential amount of websites will no longer be shown in the search results


A safe SSL website shows a lock icon with its URL starting with with https:// rather than http://. By this, visitors instantly know that your site is safe and will have the confidence to enter their confidential information, as well as make transactions and fill out forms.



  • Protects Your Customers Data
  • Protects Credibility of your Business
  • The encryption ensures that only you and the intended party reads your messages
  • Guards Against Phishing Attacks
  • Name and passwords won’t be accessed by unauthorized elements

The encryption prevents unauthorized 3rd party from getting unauthorized data

  • SSL Certificate Plan monthly plan
  • -Pay a one-time fee which costs only $4.98/month
  • Package includes:
    -Single Domain
    -Strong Protection
    -2048 bit Signatures
    -Up to 256 Bit Encryption
    -Comodo Limited $10,000 Warranty

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