May 20, 2018


Innovative technology adopted by Live Chat Media Productions Inc. will help your company efficiently monitor and track your website activities. Clickview &Timeline software allows you to view your website visitors in real time. This is achieved by periodic glancing of their mouse activity as they manipulate through your website contents. Individual visitor activity is separately recorded for easier monitoring.

Clickview& Timeline software is a one-time low fee of just $98.95/domain with no contractual obligation whatsoever. You can only see some or all of your online visitors once a genuine license is installed dated. It is easy to monitor a selected customer in real time by clicking on the Camera button on the visitor description item. The software will help the company measure customer satisfaction and spot loopholes present on the website.

Clickview & Timeline software is customer privacy compliant. It is designed not to take a customer’s credit card information when filling payment forms. Instead ****** signs will appear when the website visitor will be filling the forms. Some of the unique features the software has include:

  • IP address
  • URL referral
  • Recent activity page visited
  • Arrival time and duration of visit
  • Search keyword

These features are essential to the company as it will help them project the likely product or service a customer may be in need of. It will also help them know if there is higher demand for a particular product they offer by customers search activity. The company will also be able to notice the technical problems their software might have so they can do rectifications for future customers.

Clickview &Timeline software has numerous benefits that the company will appreciate. The advantages derived from its use include:

  • You are able to identify visitor’s website usability
  • You are able to monitor the activities of your website visitors
  • Tracking of website traffic
  • Monitoring the most searched product or service
  • Visitor-customer conversion rate can be monitored using the payment forms filled
  • Spot loopholes and consider periodic website maintenance, easier navigation and betterment.

Clickview& Timeline is also essential in monitoring the effectiveness of a company’s online marketing campaigns. If well implemented, the company can build and improve on user experience. It is possible for the company to identify what works and what does not work for them. For instance increased online search for a product can indicate increased consumer demand, little or zero search for an item shows that the product has limited market prospects. It is therefore important for the company to focus on the highly searched products after the monitoring.

A license is immediately sent to a customer upon the purchase of the software to ensure complete monopoly and ownership. Once installed you can connect to your website and click the camera button to view customer activities.

Before engaging in your next online marketing campaign, know what’s really working and what’s not by getting your Clickview & Timeline software set up on our domain.  Installation takes literally minutes to get started.  Purchase it now .  Let Live Chat Media Productions Inc. help set off that next campaign with a bang, while providing “Solutions that bring Your Marketing Massage to Life”.

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