March 31, 2018


Live Chat software customer service and feedback applications are flooding the market. They almost offer similar services. But why Live Chat Media Productions Inc.? We have our differentiation points and we are proud we have a better competitive advantage over our competitors in the market. We have a good plan for your company putting it on the path to fandom. Our creativity ensures that we bring the most innovative technology on board to enhance your business performance.

Our motto says it all “Solutions That Bring Your Marketing Message To life”. Customer testimonials positively attest to our credibility in the market. We offer no contractual obligation with any our services.

We strive to bring the best online marketing services aimed at improving and growing your company. Offering a 15 day free trial or 100 chats whichever comes first to experience our Live Chat Media Agent software on your website.

We provide our customers with 5 different Live Chat Media Agent software packages to choose from:

  • There are 2 packages where you can monitor your own website. The first, Live Chat Media Agent Bronze Package is $29.95/month and its ideal for the small business owner, that may want to their website.


  • The Live Chat Media Agent Silver Package is great for Call Centers of any size; for $80.00/month it includes 4 Agent licenses.  Each additional license is $29.95/month.



  • Our most popular package sold to date, is the Live Chat Media Agent Gold Package for $150/month + you pay per lead. We provide the full support on your website from 7am-11pm EST 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This is the latest innovative technology to ensure fast and reliable communication.


  • The Live Chat Media Agent Platinum Package is great for companies with lots of traffic to their website. Our Live Chat Media Agents monitor your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This package customers pay per chat but each month, 300 chats are given Free each month. Contact us for details in regards to pricing.



  • Last, Live Chat Media Agent software is the Diamond Package, where we provide full support and unlimited chats and 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Contact us for details regarding pricing.


Live Chat Media Productions Inc. software is unique in that it allows companies to advertise unlimited specials, promotions, products and services on a moving billboard in full  colour and text at the bottom of the chat box.

In our collection of services and products we also provide:


  1. Website& Logo Design-we create a professional search engine friendly and mobile friendly website for you company. We have various add on options, such as like ecommerce, splash pages, plus we can also offer to write the content for your site for as low as $150.00 which is a one-time fee. Live Chat Media Productions Inc. Website Development Team can have your website ready within 10 business days as long as all information is provided on delivered time. Pricing is determined by the customizations incorporated in the website but range from a one-time fee of $150-$780.


  1. Live Chat Virtual Spokesperson- suitable for product demonstration websites and to get your most important message across within seconds. Read more about our Live Char Virtual Spokesperson here


  1. Click view & Timeline software- this is a website analytics is unique. If you like Google Analytics you will love this as you see your visitors through with a click of a camera. See what’s going on with your website visitors and arrange a demo today!!  Get started for $98.95/month.

Solutions That Bring Your Marketing Message To life

Find out more of what we have to offer and what makes us unique from the other Live Chat companies out there.  Chat with our Live Chat Media Agents at for more details.

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