May 31, 2016


Every company strives to entertain only the best practices in the industry. The increased adoption Live Chat is gaining in the industry in the recent years has prompted for appropriate training for our Live Chat Agents. Agents should have what it takes to steer customer services toward the path of becoming a customer.

Being a Live Chat Agent is ‘difficult’, being an awesome Live Chat Agent is twice as ‘hard’. It is evident to everybody that success is brought on and comes after hard work. Live Chat Agents are the key to facilitating customer communication. We use the resources within our capacity to bring the best out of our dedicated Live Chat Agents.

Personality- the personality of an agent is important in building rapports and good first impression that ensures a lasting relationship with the online customers. The Agent should always remain friendly to minimize scaring away online visitors. Absolute etiquette should be observed by showing kindness and understanding to the customer who is probably not seeing you. Every client counts and there inquiries should be answered in equal measure.

Chat response time-the chats should be brief but with absolute precision bringing to point the key components raised by the visitor. Large portions of frequent chats questions can be conveyed through canned responses to avoid wastage of time. This will increase customer satisfaction, build trust in the company as well as customer loyalty.

Customer information- upon the acceptance of a chat ensures, you first greet the customer in a friendly manner. You can then proceed to ask for their contact information so that you can easily get back to him/her.

Chat Transfers- Live Chat Media Productions Inc.’s,  Live Chat Media Agent software is multifaceted allowing for chat transfers to take place quickly with a simple click of a button, allowing the current chat to be transferred to the next available agent. An agent should transfer chats easily to shorten the queue in his portal. This will ensure quick attendance to customers and relieve the burden on any one agent.

Knowledge-agents should have sufficient knowledge about the website and navigation features. They also should know what the visitors are looking for and should be able to respond with absolute precision.

Etiquette-agents should be trained on how to manage emotions and how to handle different types of customers. They should be able to contain angry, confused and undecided customers with a lot of ease. Nothing should be taken personal as this is a professional field.

Agents should further be trained on ensuring good grammatical use when responding to customers. It is important to know the right tone& voice to use, when to punctuate, specificity of numbers and currency and so on. They should possess good listening skills and ability to talk audibly on the microphone. Live Chat agents should know the intricate values of the company and when and where to convey them.

We at Live Chat Media Productions Inc. we train our Agents to be successful in every role they take part in. Our Live Chat Media Agents are equipped with the correct skills and traits that enable them to serve your customer base with the necessary expertise.  Every chat is recorded and reviewed to ensure accuracy with every chat.

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