December 31, 2017


Every business has its own preferred entrance platforms. Basically there are three entrances to a business:

  • Internet
  • Front door
  • phone

A company can decide to explore one or all of the three platforms depending on the nature and activity level of the business. The front door and phone entrances are almost common to all while the internet’s potential is not yet exhaustively unleashed. Technology is fast changing how daily business operations are done. Investors are therefore adopting the internet platform aimed at maximizing sales and not losing potential business opportunities.

A Business Research &Insight studies reported that Online Retail Sales Index shot up by 8.6% in a period of one year. According to Americommerce E-commerce has become a $220 billion industry whose growth is estimated at 20% annually. Shopping patterns have changed; more people are doing their purchases online, in-turn this behavior is limiting the level of front door and phone platforms.

The untapped potential in the Internet platform has reached a tipping point of adoption. New and existing companies are giving it a priority. Live Chat Media Productions Inc. is dedicated to design your company’s website and make this dream come true.

At a reasonable One Time Fee of between $150 and $780 we will build you a Responsive and Word Press website with a delivery period of up to ten business days on the extreme. The internet and website is very key to a website in this age of technology. With the limitation of front door services websites are the best and sure alternative. The domain name created is under the business’ full ownership.

Be swift not to lose potential business opportunities. We further provide live Chat Media Software for anyone that has got a website design from us at starting at $19.95/month. The Live Chat Media software with a purchase of a website allows you to provide your own support.  If you’re too busy and unable to provide your own support we can monitor your website for you.  Any customer that initiates a chat on your website our Live Chat Media Agents will be there; greeting all potential visitors, directing them to certain pages, gathering their contact details and then sending that chat transcript to you once that customer logs off of your website, so you could follow up.

Kijiji ad postings are also recommended as it creates traffic to your website and with Live Chat Media software is implemented to assist your online visitors it will increase your sales and revenue.

Having the Live Chat Media Agent software on your website on your website to capture your potential visitors is important.  It ensures

  • a presence so that customers can also be served,
  • a huge opportunity for sales and leads availing customers contact information (name, phone and email address) for later contact
  • expenses incurred in operating cost centers due to their multifaceted
  • a competitive advantage to compete globally

With 61% of global internet users researching products online before making actual purchases, websites are becoming a must-have tool for companies. Live Chat Media Productions Inc. will help you design a website that has unique features as:-engaging, usability, message, simplicity, professionalism, branding, accessibility, and functionality all in one piece. Come let’s help you get “Solutions That Brings Your Marketing Message to Life.”

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