July 17, 2017


Live Chat Media Productions Inc. has incorporated a Live Chat Media Virtual Spokesperson. A Live Chat Media Virtual Spokesperson does almost the same thing as Live Chat Media Agents except that they don’t respond to customer enquiries. A Live Chat Media Virtual Spokesman is a real life professional that engages your online customers in listening. They entice customers to listen to what they have to say and are usually placed on the home page of the website, before they can manipulate through the company’s website. In seconds of entering a website or opening an email, the customers’ attention is directed to the “Virtual Spokesperson” who in turn provides an overlay of your company’s services and products.

Live Chat Media Virtual Spokesperson has several features that are consistent with a company’s expansion and marketing strategies. Some of the free features are:

  • There’s full ownership of the spokesperson video,
  • Customized buttons for playback options
  • The spokesperson can be located anywhere on the webpage
  • The video is also essential for an online marketing campaign like the web ad-ons

The client company is free to choose their own actor or actress and their preferred attire for the selected virtual spokesperson. This ensures consistency with the company’s desires and objectives aimed at improving their credibility in the market. Script writing can be client based and the pricing depends on the length. All Live Chat Media Virtual Spokesperson’s are professional’s actors and actresses with years of experience; they know how to speak in a friendly way to attract potential customers. Filming, editing and installation are done by the highly qualified Live Chat Media Production team.  Filming is done in higher definition to give clients quality service. The rates charged are reasonable as the end result of the project is to be wholly owned by the client.

Live Chat Media Virtual Spokesperson Pricing- The rates charged are reasonable since there is no special hardware required or the need to re-design a website. The delivery takes a maximum of 3 business days. Our product pricing falls in 3 categories:

  • Single Video Pricing:-includes your preferred spokesperson model, duration and encoding for web delivery. Has a minimum of 15 seconds/45words at just $398 and a maximum of 3minutes/540words at $798.
  • Bulk Video:-for the first 4 videos a 20% discount is guaranteed and 45% discount for 10+ videos.
  • Live Chat Virtual Spokesperson Add ONS:-is priced according to the customizations approved by a client. There are no monthly charges incurred, just a one-off maximum price of $200.

Live Chat Virtual Spokesperson can be used for:

  • Sales promotion campaigns,
  • Online learning and product demonstration
  • Enhancing public relations, video emails and direct responses to customer queries
  • It can also be used for online customer feedback testimonials.

Benefactors of Live Chat Virtual Spokesperson:-A large segment of market players and industries can benefit from this service e.g.

  • Websites that warrants for demonstrations
  • Companies that engages in marketing campaigns & specials on websites
  • Ecommerce and entertainment websites

Actors and actresses are ideal for online product campaigns and should be embraced.

Choose your own actors and actresses by visiting, see what they look like on your website!!  We have over 60 actors and actresses to choose from.

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