January 14, 2018


Change is inevitable, change is a lifetime process.  Proactive chats are fast replacing the traditional Reactive chats that have dominated the market for a long time. Proactive chats are initiated when a website visitor triggers a set of predefined behavior metrics. Reactive chats on the other hand are initiated when a contact center responds to a visitors chat request. Proactive chats are revolutionizing customer service and feedback applications due to their ability to handle multiple chats as opposed to Reactive chats.

A U.S survey recently reported that 44% of American online consumers preferred having a LiveChat invitation to help answer their questions. This was a higher figure compared to 33% in 2010 and 27% in 2009.

Recent studies suggest that proactive chats have reached a tipping point of adoption. Life Chat Media software are multifaceted, efficient and easy to control. They put the website visitors on the path to fandom, precisely directs them to their desired destination on the online retailer platform. Statistics show that 20% of the shopping population is more skewed toward Live Chat Media’s than any other form of communication. This attribute gives Proactive chats a leverage over Reactive chats which contributes to its adoption and favorability.

Advantages of Proactive Chats

  • Quick Customer Assistance- Proactive chats are quick and precise and can be used to assist a customer before he/she becomes frustrated and opt for another website. Frustrated customers will easily abandon your website for poor service and never return. Proactive chats are therefore essential for retaining customers and ensuring a long standing relationship.


  • Increased Sales- Customer retention will automatically see a rise in the revenues realized. Most customers are likely to purchase and repurchase if they received decent and quality customer service. The average order size increases by up to 20%. Agents can ensure conversion of website visitors to customers and purchasers.



  • Decreased Contact Center Costs- Since investors are loss averse, they will ensure that expenses are kept at allow level. The multifaceted nature of proactive chat systems ensures that costs that would have otherwise been utilized in phone calls and emails are saved. Personnel requirements are also limited.


A business’s full potential will only be realized if the correct implementation is considered. A company inevitably has to focus on the right offer for their activities. It is also important to measure the right metrics to drive customers. Metrics should be designed to target visitors with the highest intent to purchase.

Proactive chats are a powerful tool that can be used to benefit a company in the longrun. It can be used to tap the unutilized potential in ecommerce.  It is important for agents to start chats with any visitor who needs assistance. This helps to increase customer satisfaction and reduce their frustration.

A recent survey showed that 77% of online customers found Proactive chats more efficient as a communication. It is for these reasons that Live Chat Media Productions Inc. works hard each day to ensure that customer objectives are met with a guaranteed increased sales if effectively implemented.

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