April 11, 2017


Businesses take many measures aimed at lowering call center costs periodically. Today companies are doing survey studies to develop techniques that will help lower call center operating costs.

Live Chat Media Productions Inc.  Live Chat Media support systems’ are designed to help you maximize your sales and output while you keep your expenses at a low level. Our Live Chat Media software’s multifaceted nature helps save on phone expenses and average Agent task time as:

  • They allow for simultaneous handling of multiple chats
  • Lowers average contact/interaction time

These two unique features ensures that less time is spent on different customer needs and that only few Agents are required to assist the big number of customers. In return few Agents are hired at a lower cost and less internet time and call centre equipment is utilized. Less call centre equipment can be utilized as Agents can also work from home. The savings derived can therefore be used on more pressing issues or placed in contingent pools to take care of system breakdowns and maintenance. Agent’s ability to multi-chat will improve on efficiency by keeping a relatively shorter queue of customers.

Our Live Chat Media software has unlimited canned messages can be implemented to common questions. Instead wasting the company’s precious time to repeatedly send similar responses, the Agents just enter a keyword for the appropriate answers to show.  The time saved is then diverted to the more critical issues that may have been raised by a customer.

You can use our Clickview &Timeline software to monitor the critical issues cited by online visitors. Are customers clicking on certain pages that take long to download and abandoning your website? Are they looking at your videos? Are certain pages being over –looked? Are they leaving your website and abandoning the shopping cart as maybe your prices are too high? This Clickview & Timeline software helps with issues that many may be calling about, as it allows you with a simple click of the camera to see your website through the eyes of visitor, as though you’re standing behind them watching them scroll your website.

The Live Chat Media software generates transcripts with every single chat, making the key components of typical conversations to be analyzed and Agents trained on how to effectively handle those components. This will lead in Agents’ proficiency to respond to customers with absolute precision and in a shorter time. There will be a lower call time thus saving on costs.

The Live Chat software also allows for Agent Transfers. Agents can be trained to deal with specific issues at their own individual capacity. This will be beneficial as an Agent will get to effectively handle only the issues he/she understands best. An Agent will be able to transfer a pressing issue to the right person to handle it. Limited interaction time is spent therefore saving on call costs.

Alternatively a company can, lower Call Center costs by ensuring the right channeling of information can be found on the website. Live Chat Media Productions Inc. builds websites starting from a one-time fee of $150-$780.

To further lower costs, a business could use a Live Chat Virtual Spokespersons to do demonstrational videos displaying its product services instead of going through the long and expensive process of explanations over the phone.

At Live Chat Media Productions Inc. “We give you Solutions That Bring Your Marketing Message to Life”.  Start saving today call us at (1(888)505-6936 or engage in a conversation with us at

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