December 5, 2016


Online business has grown to a $220 billion industry in just a few years. With 61% of global internet users researching products online there is need to explore this untapped potential in Live Chat support systems. It is incomprehensible to imagine customers from the Southern America accessing a store in America using the internet as the front door service. Globalization of multinationals and the limitations of front door services have necessitated the crucial need for Live Chat support systems so as not to lose potential business opportunities.

“Live Chat” software is necessary for your business in this twenty first century. Uniqueness is basically the source of your business’s success.

Live Chat Media Productions Inc. “Live Chat” software ensures our Live Chat Media Agents are  on your website to serve your online customers on a 24/7 basis.

Reasons for Adopting Live Chat Software

Convenience- a survey by hubspot shows that 77% of online shoppers find Live Chat systems more convenient as opposed to traditional phone calls and emails. The proactive nature of the systems ensures a prompt response to customer queries.

Live Chat Media Productions Inc. offers unlimited canned messages with its “Live Chat Media Agent” software for quick responses, which are pre-programmed answers to your online visitor’s most common questions.

Increased sales- efforts by dedicated Live Chat Agents are most likely to turn online visitors to customers. It also takes the friendliness of the agents to retain the customers in future.

Competitive advantage- at this adoption point, a company with a Live Chat system will be a notch higher than their competitors. After all, it makes no sense to have a website without “Live Chat” software.  It’s like having a store full of merchandise and ready to buy customers and no one there to cash them out. A company which does not have an online attendant for their online customers will automatically lose business to their rivals.

Low call center costs­- companies are also adopting this technology so as to cut down the unnecessary expenses spent on phone calls and emails. The multifaceted nature of “Live Chat” allows agents to simultaneously handle multiple chats with a lot of ease. The Live Chat builds trusts and confidence due to their proactive nature. With Live Chat software implemented it takes away the frustration of online visitors to your sight due to the immediate and quality customer service offered.

Live Chat Media Productions Inc. provides the lowest cost “support” on company websites, to help maximize online profits on websites, by offering 24 hours day, 7days a week support starting from as low as $150/month. No contract or obligation is involved.

Many ask; but how do Live Chat Media Agents know what’s on my website and what products we offer?

Our answer to that question is: Anything that is on your website that is public knowledge, our agents will be able to answer those questions.  We will direct your online visitors to certain links on your page and guide them to your products that they may be looking for.  Anything that is NOT mentioned on your website we do not play the guessing game with your business.  With every chat we always try to collect the visitors name and number by asking; but we especially do this when there are questions that we cannot answer, so someone better skilled or knowledgeable at the business, could answer the customer’s questions more appropriately.

A unique feature, that Live Chat Media Productions Inc. offers with its “Live Chat Media Agent software, is the moving billboard this showcases images, unlimited full colour pictures products and text along the bottom of the chat box. This feature allows businesses to showcase promotions, specials, newsletter updates, best sellers etc..

It is therefore evident that by implementing Live Chat software on your business website it will have reduced call center costs, increased sales revenues and most importantly will increase customer satisfaction.

Get your moving billboard started today by calling “Live Chat Media Productions Inc. at 1(888)505-6936 or engage in a live Chat with one of our consultants at

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