December 12, 2014


An affiliate software program simultaneously works with the lead software program for combined synergies which benefit both developers. Big companies are tapping into affiliate marketing techniques to significantly increase their revenues. These platforms are performance based with affiliate programs generating revenues to the extent of their visitor influence and conversion ratios.


Affiliate programs keep you informed and up to date on what you can find in the market and the products that need promotions in order to sell quickly. This makes it easy for your company to partner with the most relevant and productive vendors. The ever growing complexity of markets has resulted to the need for Software Affiliate Programs for your website visitors that give them easy access to other top players in the target industry.


Software affiliate programs have reached a tipping point of adoption, affiliates easily earn their commissions by connecting the merchant marketers to an affiliate network. Affiliate programs avail the right tools for a company to focus on the objectives and outcomes of its marketing campaigns. Software Affiliate Programs features include:

  • Deep linking- the affiliate programs helps you create affiliate links that directly redirects the visitor to the product page. This enhances conversion rates and therefore increased revenues thereon.
  • Comprehensive reporting- a detailed report is easily generated that precisely reflects your links, conversion rates, earnings and or refunds and the geo-locations of visitors.
  • Discounted opportunities- discounting commissions through promotion vendors is a sure way of attracting more customers and increasing your conversion ratios.
  • Flexible payment options- affiliate programs offer flexible payment options to subscribers. Payment is possible via PayPal, Visa Card and MasterCard alike once the minimum transfer balance has been attained.
  • Localized shopping carts- the most suitable market entry strategy is getting conversant with the geo-targeted shopping carts that aims at tapping into newer markets independently.
  • 24/7 Dedicated support- the affiliate team works around the clock to ensure absolute support for visitors via email or live chat. The response is of absolute precision from a real person.

Starting your own affiliate program is an easy, safe and fast way of increasing your sales and gyrate your profits.

  • An affiliate program is an automated advertising program that will automatically generate your sales programs, affiliate registrations and keep you up to date on what improvements should be made.
  • Payment as you earn, this ensures that commissions are only paid once sales are realized. Your company therefore doesn’t run the risk of going bankrupt should it fail to realize any sale.
  • Better engine search placement- your affiliates will backlink your product pages for enhanced search in the preferred links. More traffic is consequently generated in the process.
  • Your company will only purchase advertisements that works by analyzing affiliate data to identify the most appropriate advertising platforms.


It sounds so good to be true. But sitting on the bench doesn’t generate a single dime for your company. Live Chat Media Productions Inc. is looking forward to help your company generate more revenue by adopting Software Affiliate Programs.

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