January 15, 2018


Live Chat Media Productions Inc. posts online classifieds advertisements for companies on advertising is important as it ensures that a company’s target market is reached within Canada and the products and services they offer are made known to the general public looking for their services online.

Live Chat Media Productions Inc. Kijiji Ad Posting Department ensures that adequate online marketing strategies are incorporated. Online purchasers are likely to respond to the advertisements positively thus leading to higher returns for the company and bringing traffic to their website. The department will post 3-4 posts a day keeping your company at the top of the classified website under the appropriate classified section and category. It costs $250 per month for kijiji ad posting.  This is an economically reasonable figure given that your company is more likely to realize the increased revenues due to this approach.

Another approach done by the Live Chat Media Productions Inc. Kijiji Ad Posting Department is, humor. Humor incorporated at times in the ad goes a long way. Customers are likely to open up more and become more trusting when attention to humorous ads are brought forward as they contemplate on buying the product or service. Attractive pictures used can also enhance the company’s credibility in the market. Classified advertisements also explain, serve current and future customer needs as they are updated more often to match market trends.

Kijiji Ads has several benefits to any company. They include:

  • Increased Sales- It gives the chance to explain products and services adding as cheaper more economical way of being found online instead of using expensive forms Google adverts. Purchasers tend to buy products online that they know and feel well informed about. The slideshows, videos and photo galleries in classified advertisements helps the customer to understand the nature of services and products offered by a customer.


  • Provides an extension of Advertising- Phone numbers, addresses and websites are used in ads for potential buyers who wish to physically contact an advertiser when they are interested in doing business with you.


  • Internet Presence and Global Competition- Many companies are taking to classified advertisements since Canada’s new anti spam law took effect July 1st


Kijiji advertisements strengthens an advertisers online presence by allowing them to be seen many times during the day when potential customers may be online searching for their products or services, resulting in a higher rate of returns.

Live Chat Media Productions Inc. Kijiji Ad Posting Department helps increase website traffic and ensures all your marketing objectives are met. We are aimed at promoting your products locally and therefore giving you a better competitive advantage over your competitors present in the market. We ensure that you’re seen online, by using the right words, and creating a plan of action for the things you want to achieve.

Call us today to get started with your Kijiji ad postings 1(888)505-6936 or engage in our live chat at and arrange to have a Business Development Consultant call you with a plan of action on getting on top of the classified ads for your products and services.

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