September 11, 2015


Every serious company will always be on the verge of monitoring the activity level on their website. Monitoring the usability and visitor-customer conversion rates is the key to website monitoring. Web heat maps are used to view the webpage areas frequently scanned by online visitors. Live Chat Media Productions Inc. on the other hand has developed a unique Clickview & Timeline software which enhances the concept of Real Time Click of a Camera.

Clickview & Timeline software is comparatively more efficient than heat maps. Heat maps focus on a limited number of website activities. Below are the distinguishing facts about the two softwares:

  • Heat maps’ (Mouse Move Heat map) narrows down to what content a customer is looking for on a webpage while a real time Click of a Camera will further record the duration of time spent by the visitor on that particular page or content.
  • Heat maps tracks the attention level given to a particular webpage while real time Click of a Camera goes further by providing a detailed script the interaction with the web by a visitor.

Heat maps are limited to usability, attention level and conversion rates. It measures web traffic purposed for understandability and optimizing web usage. Clickview &Timeline used as a web analytics software exceeds such extremes by incorporating twenty first century technology. The software developed by Live Chat Media Productions Inc. is unique self-monitoring software that allows you to watch you online visitor’s activities in real time.

Clickview is an essential tool for optimizing web usage and generating revenues. It monitors the pages visited by visitors, at what point they shifted to a different page, the duration of time spent on that particular page. It also monitors when they scrolled the page, used the mouse or key board and whether they printed a page of particular interest.

Clickview & Timeline software also has some unique features not present in Heat maps as:

  • Geo locater
  • Search keyword
  • Referral page
  • Arrival time
  • Current page
  • Visit duration
  • IP address
  • Internet browser type

The IP address and Geo locator helps the company to effectively track the online visitor and possible contact him if need be. The search keyword tool also ensures that visitors are not frustrated when navigating through the website. They instead can simply type the keyword of the product they are looking for to ease of access. Visit durations technique can be used to monitor the attention given to specific web pages. Companies can use the analytics to modify the pages mostly visited to enhance accessibility and visitor satisfaction.

We as Live Chat Media Productions Inc. are confident that the creativity and innovativeness assimilated in our software Clickview & Timeline software, gives it a higher usability hedge over the traditional heat map applications. Data generated from the software can be used to optimize customer behavior, enhance visitor-customer conversion, minimize website abandonment by potential customers having a hard time navigating the site visitors and most importantly increase your firm’s revenue levels.

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