June 4, 2015


The need and importance of creating a personal brand is rapidly changing the business spectrum. Companies are realizing that their success is attributed to their uniqueness. Being a notch higher than your peers will possibly give you a higher competitive advantage. At Live Chat Media Productions Inc. we help bring about what you are looking for, to make your business more unique and self-distinguished from your competitors. We are offering “Solutions That Bring Your Marketing Message to Life.”

We help you initiate an authentic and self-identifying Logo design for your website. This will make it easy for customers to identify with your products. The shape and color of the logo is designed to reflect the nature of your business. Competition is intense out there but with a personal brand, you can sail through the rough seas with ease.

Once purchased for a onetime fee of $149 and the questionnaire is completed with your vision. Our graphic design team comes together to build on a personal brand for your company, following your exact specifications and  ensuring that your perceived message is reflected by a resultant Logo.

If you have no idea what you want for your logo, our Graphic Design Team will get designs together no problem. Live Chat Media Productions Inc. Graphic Design Team will work until you are 100 % satisfied.

The features incorporated in our Logo designs are:

  • Authenticity- originality is supreme in our creations. We help you create a unique, self-defining and relevant logo that does not in any way mimic already existing creations.


  • Self-Identification- your customers should be able to instantly identify you with your logo. Your logo should relate to your nature of activities, products and services. We ensure that your logo design speaks to your existing customers and potential customers alike. It will reinforce business character and clarify eloquently on your services.



  • Creativity and Innovation- at LCM productions Inc. we use our extensive experience to innovatively create logos that clearly depicts what you firmly believe in as a company. Small or big, a company’s personal branding is important for market credibility and reputation.


  • Boldness- personal branding is of magnificent power. In it we ensure that a clear, consistent message stating who you really are and what you do is vivaciously printed. This will give it the ability to stand out and stand the tests of time.

At Live Chat Media Productions Inc. we offer reputable logos that reflect the professional nature of your business. Your final  Logo design once approved by you, is delivered in the following formats:

  • AL
  • EPS
  • GIF
  • JPG
  • TIF
  • BMP
  • PDF

There are several benefits of having a logo that ensures your personal branding:

  • Enhances self-awareness
  • Helps you clarify and attain your target goals
  • Offers more control and power over your business and intellectual property

Again, and most importantly, we work until your 100% satisfied with the final logo design. Contact us today and get started with building that brand and vision

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