November 1, 2016


Just like the Logo is clear, relevant and self-defining, so should the Virtual Spokesperson. He/she should have the ability to clearly bring out the company’s ‘personality’. Picking the right spokesperson can drive sales by building trust and increasing your company’s credibility. There is always an attractive actor or actress to welcome your online visitors.

Before you decide on selecting a Virtual Spokesperson you need to consider certain essential issues. Your target audience and objectives to be relayed are key. It will be easy to convey your message in the desired manner by narrowing down on the right Virtual Spokesperson.

A brief and effective script then follows after selection of the right spokesperson. The script should be developed with close relation with the content to be delivered or objectives to be met. The selected actor or actress should be able to:-

  • Quickly memorize the designated script
  • Maintain eye contact with the camera
  • Speak clearly to the target audience
  • Change their appearance for the different roles available

He/she should be able to maintain eye contact with the camera and appear in clothes that are consistent with the business nature and environment.

The role of the spokesperson is basically to grab the attention of your online visitors anytime they access your website. Placing a Virtual Spokesperson on your website involves objective decision making. Appropriate positioning of your spokesperson is important.  The most common positioning is the far right of the website.  You may want to show their entire body which is attractive to visitors. Alternatively you can decide just to show the upper half of the body in a professional manner.

A virtual spokesperson can build trust in the following ways:

  • Having a natural and friendly attitude-always keep your visitors in mind. A friendly appearance is attractive to retain customers by capturing their attention. You are likely to retain customers if the spokesperson appears to be approachable.


  • Saying the right words- the Virtual spokesperson should stick to the original script and never go off of the assigned script. The words should be said carefully and in a friendly tone. Harsh tones/words will probably drive customers away.


  • Having the right look­- a Virtual spokesperson acting on behalf of a professional firm like accountants should be in the right attire that consistently reflects the nature of that firm.

A professional talent, strong personality, an appropriate appearance and a strong script alongside high production values will inevitably build trust. We at Live Chat Media Productions Inc. merge all these aspects of a virtual spokesperson to ensure that your marketing messages are brought to life. The benefits derived from our Live Chat Media Virtual Spokesperson include:

  • Helps demonstrate your company products
  • Increased sales, conversions and customer loyalty
  • Bring a more personalized touch to your business
  • It will also attract different kinds of customers.

The Live Chat Media Virtual Spokesperson comes at a flat onetime fee depending on the selected package. We have Single Videos range from $398 and Bulk Video purchasing is also available. Chose us and we will bring your marketing message to life with high quality, high definition videos that can be viewed on any platform.  Also with the option to play back, stop, play once etc.. All our actors are professionals with years of production experience behind them. Contact us today at

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