January 1, 2018


The future of business “customer service” operations and equipment greatly lies on Live Chat support. Live Chat Media Productions Inc. offers 5 different “Live Chat” packages that guarantees several benefits if correctly implemented. “Live Chat” software was among the top customer support and feedback applications present in the market seven years ago. Some of the key benefits associated with Live Chat support includes:

  1. Customer Satisfaction- There is instant communication and feedback when “Live Chat software” is involved. Customers’ needs and questions are responded to with absolute precision. Customers have attested to the high level of satisfaction derived from Live Chat support due to the immediacy. According to ATG Global Consumer Trend Study, 90% of customers consider Live Chat to be very helpful. 72% of interviewed customers congratulated Live Chat agents for their excellent and experienced customer service.
  2.  Increased Sales- With the ever increasing cross-border businesses, “Live Chat” assist many companies that do business overseas. Customers through that use “Live Chat” can inquire and place orders online if there is a viable live support system. Anderson Consulting poll concluded that almost 82% of online customers said they would purchase in bulk if there was an efficient live support system available. An e-marketer survey also reported that about 77% of online customers would return to a website that supported Live Chat.
  3. Reduced Expenses- Live support is a cheaper alternative to phone calls and emails. It also reduces costs as the Live Chat software can be used on any computer. Therefore reducing the need of contact centre’s and equipment as agents can also work from home if needed. Live Chat software, also allows agents to simultaneously handle multiple chats.


  1. Higher competitive Edge over Rivals- Competitors are just a click away. They may be offering better services than you do but the immediacy and prompt response associated with live support systems gives you an ultimate edge over them. It creates the differentiation point between two or more companies in the same industry. Studies show that Live Chat is likely to put a company 67% ahead of their competitors. A report by E-Marketer found that 20% of Live Chat respondents did 77% of their holiday shopping online. This means that only 25% goes to the manual shopping and therefore gives a company a better competitive advantage.


  1. Response to Customer Needs- Companies with Live Chat implemented is able to track the specific needs of a customer through the detailed transcript that they receive once the chat has been completed. He can then use the transcript to ensure that the customer receives quality service and that his/her needs are responded to accordingly. Customer pain points are also tapped and can be turned to sale opportunities to increase sales. In doing so, the company’s reputation increases and is more likely to realize improved revenues as customers are likely to return for additional services. Companies can also get the chance to improve on their products and services following the customer recommendations.

Live Chat Media Productions Inc. has 5 “Live Chat” software packages available:

You Provide Your Own Live Chat Support:

  • Live Chat Media Agent Bronze Package: For $29.95 a month and includes 1 Agent License. This package is very popular among small businesses.


  • Live Chat Media Agent Silver Package: Designed for those companies with Call Centre’s or businesses that want to provide their own support. Starts at $80.00/month, includes 4 Agent Licenses. Each additional license is $29.95/month.

Our Live Chat Media Agents Provide the Support for You:

  • Live Chat Media Agent Gold Package: For $150/month + you pay per chat. This is our most popular package and ensures there is always someone there to collect the leads coming from your online traffic. We provide support from 7am-11pm EST 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


  • Live Chat Media Agent Platinum Package: We provide the support 24 hours a day’s 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Includes 300 Chats for FREE each month. Call us for pricing and details.


  • Live Chat Media Agent Diamond Package: We provide the full support on your website 24 hours a day’s 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Unlimited chats and support each month.


At Live Chat Media Productions Inc. we offer:

  • No Special hardware needed to get started
  • Be up and running within minutes
  • 15 day Free Trial
  • No Contract and
  • No Obligation

With each of Live Chat Media Productions Inc. packages, we offer you an opportunity to get the conversation started by displaying unlimited full colour products and services including text at the bottom of the chat box. It’s like a moving billboard.

Start collecting leads like you never have before!!! Increase sales and make your website start working for you!!!  To sign up contact us here at  Remember at Live Chat Media Productions Inc., we provide “Solutions that Bring Your Marketing Message to Life”.

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