December 18, 2015


At Live Chat Media Productions Inc. we strive to bring the best marketing services to businesses which bring their marketing messages to life. We have 3 Live Chat packages in place that that allow our Live Chat Media Agents effectively monitor your website on your behalf. We make your website stand out, get you leads, close sales and ensure quick delivery of your important messages on a 24/7 basis.

We are confident in our products and guarantee you that you will derive the anticipated results when properly implemented. Our key objective is to get you leads and sales from your website while you concentrate on the key components of your business. The benefits of us monitoring your website are:

  • Concentrate on core activities- focus on what you do best and let us do the subsidiary on your behalf. This will ensure that back office activities of your company do not consume a larger percentage of your budget at the expenses of core activities. We ensure that your business refocuses on its core activities
  • Reduced overheads- get leads and sales as there are no such costs or payouts to make like commissions. Live Chat Media Productions Inc. is a onetime fee, as opposed to the individual payments otherwise made to the employees involved.
  • Cost & efficiency savings- the multifaceted nature of our softwares allow for simultaneous multiple chats. As such, little interaction time is involved thus enhancing cost savings. Our software is a cheaper alternative to phone calls and emails.
  • Operational control– you can outsource us to take care of your poorly managed customer service department. We guarantee you 100% satisfaction by assimilating the latest technology in the market. We bring better customer service management services that what would otherwise be available.
  • Immediate customer support- our dedicated team of Live Chat Media Agents, work throughout the day and night to ensure that there is someone to attend to your customer at any given time. Your customers are able to receive the help they need whenever they need it. The customers will be happier due the quality customer service received.
  • Enhanced monitoring ability- We will provide your company with each and every chat detailed recorded chat transcripts so you can see the conversation that took place between our Live Chat Media Agents and your online visitors to your website. Reports can be requested at anytime to see your Live Chat Media chat performance. At Live Chat Media Productions Inc. we also offer a unique Website Analytic software at an additional cost of $98.95/one-time fee per domain, which allows you to see what is and isn’t working on your website, called Clickview & Timeline software.
  • Flexibility & scalability- Live Chat Media Productions Inc. software is multifaceted. This allows Live Chat Agents to simultaneously handle multiple chats. It further initiates automated canned messages in response to frequently asked questions by your online visitors.


We are a notch higher than our market competitors both in terms of technology and creativity guaranteeing you a 100% satisfaction with no contractual obligation whatsoever. We can bring your marketing messages to life with all of our products that we offer.  Even though we specialize in Live Chat, we also offer these solutions:

  • Live Chat Virtual Spokesperson
  • Live Chat Media Website & Logo Design
  • Clickview & Timeline Software
  • Social Media Management
  • Kijiji Ad Posting and Management
  • Blog Article writing & Management

If you’re a small to midsized company and looking for “Solutions that Bring Your Marketing Message to life, please contact us at (647)933-9003 Ext. 4 or visit and chat with one of our Live Chat Media Agents.

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