February 13, 2018


5 Vital Criteria of an Excellent Website Design

Owning a web site is very common nowadays. Proof of this is the hundreds of thousands of web sites in the internet. Anyone can make a web site; however, not all can make an excellent website design. As a result, only a few thousands of web sites are easily accessible through major search engines. They occupy prominence in the sense that they can be found on the first page of a search engine when you type in key words relevant to them.

Important Criteria of an Excellent Website Design

Here are the five most vital criteria for an excellent website design.

  1. It must contain reliable and relevant information. People visit websites to find answers to their queries and to add to their knowledge. Students use the internet for their studies and researchers use materials from the web as basis for the studies and experiments that they are conducting. Internet users who prefer to make DIY or do-it-yourself home and appliance repairs and other projects rely on websites for fast and reliable pointers. If your website contains correct and useful information, more and more people will visit it, increasing traffic and increasing your chance to monetize your website.

  2. Use a neat and easy-to-follow lay out. Too much clutter on your web pages can drive readers away. Use images and graphics in a sensible manner. They must be related to the content of your webpage. Sizes of your images must be big enough for your readers to easily see. Using many small images in one page is not recommended. In addition, the images must be clear and if possible, they must have captions for readers to understand their relevance to the topic of the page.

  3. The font size, style, and color must be readable. Titles and headings must be slightly bigger that the fonts used in the content. Times New Roman font size 12 is commonly used. For white and light-colored background, black is the best font color. Using other colors can reduce the readability of the content. Choose colors that are pleasing to the eyes. Too bright or glaring colors hurt the eyes and can make readers leave your website after a short time of reading.

  4. An updated website will attract more readers. As much as possible, have daily postings of current issues and events. Stale information several months several months old will not hold the interest of your readers. Interesting, current, and trending information will easily catch readers’ attention. Avoid duplicating your content just to show that you are posting everyday. Always have original, unique, and relevant content.

  5. Make navigation easy. A good website allows readers to find information fast. Normally, slow uploading process will cause a visitor to find another website containing information on the same topic he is searching for. Downloading should take a few seconds only. If your website is an online store, the procedure in making an order and paying for items purchased must be fast and easy.

An excellent website design will attract more readers and keep them returning to your website for more updated and reliable information. For you to have that superior and exquisite website design visit to get your businesses’ brand and appeal started TODAY. All you need is to pay an affordable one-time fee that starts at $150-780. Don’t be left behind, contact NOW and you’re guaranteed to have your website ready within 10 business days.

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