February 2, 2018


People build websites for many purposes such as advertising or selling products, and sharing information and knowledge. In order to do this, their websites must perform well first by attracting more traffic. Traffic refers to the number of people who visit the site and read its contents. The number of traffic and the length of time that people stay on your website is determined using Clickview & Timeline Software (Website Analytics). See your website through the eyes of your visitor’s it’s the only unique software of its kind. If you like Google Analytics you’ll definitely like this. See a demo of how it works: a customer in real time
Here are the 4 most vital uses of Clickview & Timeline Software (Website Analytics).
1. Clickview & Timeline Software (Website Analytics) will show you what words are being searched by your visitors, how many look for them, and whether they return to look for information about those keywords. Knowing what words are trending as popular will aid you in coming up with content that are rich in these keywords. Because your content has these keywords, there is a big possibility for your website to be easily found by people searching for those keywords. This is one use of the Clickview & Timeline Software (Website Analytics).

2. Another important use of this software is to identify your visitors or readers. The Clickview & Timeline Software (Website Analytics) will help you categorize your readers and create a general picture of the traffic. This information will guide you in your choice of content for your website, the topics that will appeal to majority of your audience, and products that they will most likely buy. You can easily have your target audience. Once you know who they are, you can easily meet their needs and wants and give them full satisfaction.
3. Maintaining website costs money but there are areas that contributes nothing to the popularity of your website. For instance, you use several social networks and pay some people to make comments, participate in forums, and create fan pages when in fact, the social network does not bring any visitor to your site. Using the Clickview & Timeline Software (Website Analytics), you will be able to see what social media network must be weeded out because they are just like white elephants. You spend for them but they have no use to you.

4. Another use of the Clickview & Timeline Software (Website Analytics) is determining the ranking of your pages. In order to monetize or earn from your pages, they must appear on the first page of major search engines. The software will show you your page rank. This information will help you discover if you need to exert more efforts optimizing your pages so that your ranking will go up.
In short, the Clickview & Timeline Software (Website Analytics) serves as the window through which you can see how your page is faring. As a result, you can do what is necessary to be able to land at the first page of search engines. If you are a builder of a website, Clickview & Timeline Software (Website Analytics) will provide you with data needed to optimize your pages. To get more of satisfaction guaranteed web analytics services trust only the proven and undisputed name in IT services such as to experience total and accurate web traffic monitoring for a one-time of $98.95/per domain, and the Clickview and Timeline software will belong to you. Please visit to order now.

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